Selling at the Chiswick car boot sale

Important changes during the building works
Car park
The buyers car park is now closed for the duration of the building works. We are well served by public transport and advise visitors to avoid coming by car. If this is unavoidable, we ask you to comply with the parking regulations that are in force on sale days, and to be respectful of our neighbours by not blocking driveways and garages.
Side on pitches
As the weather deteriorates, the playing field will be not be useable. This reduced capacity means that we need to manage the available space carefully. As from November 2016, the organisers will assess the demand  on each sale day and decide whether we are able to offer side on pitches for cars. We will not be able to decide this in advance, so please expect that your request for a side on pitch may be denied on the day. Please do not enter the queue if this is not acceptable.
Walk in sellers
Walk in sellers will no longer be allowed onto the site until all cars are parked up. Please do not expect entry before 8.30am when you will be directed to an available pitch.
Portable loos
These will now be positioned within the school grounds so will probably not be accessible before 5am.



We normally start letting the sellers in between 6:00 and 6:30 am.The allocation of places is on a first-come first serve basis, and sellers start queuing the night before. There is no reserving of any places at our car boot. 

If it is dry, we will be using the front playing field which gives us more spaces, but if it is wet we cannot use the playing field as it would ruin it for the school. We have been known to have to turn people away in the past when we are full.


Cars £15
Cars (parked side-on) £30
Vans (transit or similar) £30
Larger Vans or Vehicles (extra long wheelbase or Luton type) £60
Walk-in Sellers (entrance is only by the side gate in Burlington Lane and only after all vehicles in the surrounding area have been parked) £10

There are a few rules: you can’t sell food, cigarettes or alcohol or anything illegal. We reserve the right to ask to leave or ban sellers who display goods that cause offence or incite racial, sexual or religious hatred. This includes items such as Nazi memorabilia.  Also the site is completely no smoking and dogs are not allowed.

We no longer accept £50 notes. Sadly, there has been an increase in fake notes being circulated and we advise visitors to the sale to adopt this policy as well.

There is very limited parking for buyers – before 9am £5 per car plus £1 for each passenger, after 9am only available for disabled drivers £3 per car plus £1 for each passenger.

Tables can be hired (subject to availability) at £5 each with a deposit of £20.

If you are selling in your car, the queue is often very long and starts early.  To avoid cars arriving late and jumping the queue, we walk down the queue giving each car a flyer.  If you don’t have a flyer you are NOT in the queue and you won’t be allowed in.

It is a condition of entry that all sellers take their rubbish or unsold items back with them.

Please try to come on public transport – there is very limited parking and strictly enforced restrictions on the nearby streets. The E3 bus (from Chiswick/Turnham Green/Acton/Ealing) stops right outside the school and the 190 bus (from Hammersmith) just round the corner. There is a BR station (Chiswick) 5 minutes walk away.

Chiswick students may sell their own possessions at the sales as ‘walkers-in’ and will not be charged but if a student is accompanied by a parent with a car, normal rates will apply. They can rent a table at no charge, using their School Diary as a deposit. If the items for sale belong to the parents, the normal hire fee applies.

Pickpockets. No public event is immune to this, but we would like visitors to be alert to the fact that pickpockets may be in operation. Unfortunately they do not announce themselves to us, so please keep your valuables safe.