• The sales hours are 7am to 12:30pm. 
  • The entrance fee for buyers is £1 per person. Children under 12 years of  age enter free.
  • Please try to come on public transport. 
  • This is a completely open air event, and there is no covered area to shelter from the elements available on site.   
  • Food and beverages are available. 
  • No Smoking  and No dogs  on site, in compliance with the law . (Assistance dogs are allowed)
  • Warning We no longer accept £50 notes.   Sadly, there has been an increase in fake notes being circulated and we advise visitors to the sale to adopt this policy as well.   
  • Pickpockets No public event is immune to this, but we would like visitors to be alert to the fact that pickpockets may be in operation. Unfortunately they do not announce themselves to us, so please keep your valuables safe.
  • Buyer beware and if purchasing from a seller with an arrangement for them to deliver after the sale, it is advisable to obtain written evidence of the transaction and to take contact and vehicle registration details.


These are located in the front school car park by the main gate and are accessible all night.



There is very limited parking for buyers in the main front school car park on Staveley Road. Charges are £5 per car plus £1 for each passenger.  Please do not park across the dropped kerbs in front of house driveways or in front of garages in the area as it is inconsiderate and you run the risk of being towed away.



Please try to come on public transport – there is very limited parking for buyers and strictly enforced restrictions on the nearby streets, with yellow lines around the school in operation on the Sunday as well as all of the A316 Red Route.  

E3 bus (from Chiswick/Turnham Green/Acton/Ealing) stops right outside the school. 

190 bus (from Hammersmith) just round the corner. 

Chiswick British Rail mainline station is only a 5 minute walk away, 



There is a cash machine opposite the Chiswick British Rail mainline station, which is a 5 minutes walk from the school.