If your selling from your vehicle,  the queue is often extremely long and starts filling up overnight.  

To avoid cars jumping the queue, a steward will walk the length of the queue and issue each vehicle with a numbered flyer.


If you do not have a flyer, you are NOT in the queue and you will NOT be allowed in.  

We normally start letting the sellers vehicles in at 06:30. The allocation of places is on a first-come first served basis, and many sellers start queuing the night before. 

It is not possible to reserve or pre-book spaces at this car boot sale.

The sales hours are 07:00 to 12:30.


At the close of the Boot Sale from 12:30  It is a condition of entry that all sellers take their rubbish and unsold objects away with them, and vacate the site by 13:30. Any sellers found leaving items of rubbish will have their registration numbers noted, and may be banned from future sales.  

This is a completely open air event, and there is no covered area available on site to shelter from the elements.   

Portable Toilets are located in the front school car park by the main gate and are accessible all night.  

Security :  Please be aware of keeping your valuables, mobile phones and takings on your person as there have been cases of theft, especially of items left on the front seats of vehicles.


Food and beverages are available 

No Smoking  and No dogs  on site, in compliance with the law . (Assistance dogs are allowed)

Warning We no longer accept £50 notes.   Sadly, there has been an increase in fake notes being circulated and we advise visitors to the sale to adopt this policy as well.   

Pickpockets No public event is immune to this, but we would like visitors to be alert to the fact that pickpockets may be in operation. Unfortunately they do not announce themselves to us, so please keep your valuables safe.



A normal pitch is a car selling from one table at the rear of the vehicle. A side on pitch allows for two tables to be placed down the side of the vehicle to sell from.  As the weather deteriorates, we will not be able to use the playing field. This reduced capacity means that we need to manage the available space carefully. The organisers will assess the demand on each sale day and decide whether we are able to offer side on pitches for cars. We will not be able to decide this in advance, so please expect that your request for a side on pitch may be denied on the day. Please do not stay in the queue if this is not acceptable.



Walk in sellers will only be allowed onto the site by the side gate in Burlington Lane when all the sellers’ vehicles are parked up. Please do not expect entry before 08.30 when you will be directed to an available pitch. Your total contents must not  exceed 1 meter square when placed on the ground. 



Tables can be hired from the Portakabin in the front playground (subject to availability) at £5 each with a deposit of £20.