Can I book a pitch in advance of the sale?

We do not operate a booking system; first come, first served.

Do you have covered/indoor pitches?

We are an outdoor sale and operate rain or shine! There are no covered areas to shelter from the weather.

Can I bring a gazebo?

Some sellers do sometimes bring a gazebo. If the gazebo encroaches on neighbouring pitches, then you will be asked to remove it.

What time should I arrive in the queue to guarantee a pitch?

Due to operating on a first come, first served basis, it is not possible to give a time that would guarantee entry. Most vehicle sellers arrive in the queue between 04:30 and 06:00. A number do arrive later and get a pitch, but obviously the later you leave it, the higher the chance of us filling up. We do everything we can to get everyone in.

Where do I queue?

There are stewards on all of the corners around the school - the location of the end of the queue depends on your arrival time - they will direct you.

Can I bring my dog?

We love dogs, but as we operate on school grounds it is illegal to allow dogs within the site , either walking, held or inside any vehicles.

Can I leave before the end of the sale?

Vehicles will be unable to leave before 12.30pm. Walk in sellers can leave any time. 

What happens if rain is forecast?

We operate whatever the weather.

Can I have a pitch next to a friend?

The easiest solution is to arrive in the queue together. It is not possible to save an adjacent pitch on entry as we operate on a first come, first served basis.

How much is a pitch?

Prices are dependent on vehicle size and pitch type - please refer to the price list.

Can I sell if I do not have a car?

Without a car you can come as a ''walk-in'' seller. Pitches are £10 and entry is via the side gate ( opposite Chiswick House ). We allow entry once the bulk of the cars are parked up - usually between 07:00 and 08:00.

Do you offer free pitches for charities?

As a charity ourselves, we do what we can to support other local charities. Please email and we will do what we can to help. Please understand that we receive quite a few requests so cannot always offer pitches. Thank you for your understanding.

Rain is forecast – will the sale be open?

Yes! Rain or shine,

When are you open? When is the next sale?

We operate on the first Sunday of the month with the exception of January, when we are closed. It is extremely rare that we have to change our sale dates (due to, for example, the Prudential Ride cycling event). Any changes are announced in advance on the website.

Do you have security at your sales?

We have security at the front gate, and stewards on site throughout the sale. Please do inform stewards of any issues – preferably during the sale - they are there to help.

Can I sell food at the sale?

Apologies but we have a zero food/drink policy at the sale due to environmental health regulations. There is a licensed caterer on site.

Is there a phone number I can call?

We are a volunteer parent group so do not have a phone number to give out. On sale days, there will be stewards available around the school site from the early hours to assist. A volunteer will be available via email until early evening on Saturday before the sale - early to bed for an an early start on Sunday!

How many bags can I bring as a walk-in seller?

As many as you can carry, as long as the total contents don't exceed 1.5 sq. metres  when placed on the ground. 

What time should I arrive to guarantee being able to hire a table?

We do have a limited number of tables for hire but as they are rented on a first come, first served basis, it is not possible to guarantee a table for all who want them.

How do I get a flyer?

A steward will hand out flyers to all vehicles in the queue on the morning of the sale - they will come to you. The flyer is proof of your position in the queue so is not available in advance.

How do I pay for a pitch?

Pitches are paid for on entry to the school site.

Will you be using the paying field?

This decision is made by the organisers on the morning of the sale. The weather is obviously a factor and consideration is always given to upcoming school use of the sports field.